Cosmetical Applications

Products for Hair Care

Products for Hair Care


Shampoos are used to clean wet hair and scalp. During the washing process, surfactants dissolve dust and dirt particles. During rinsing of the hair, they are removed together with some of the protective grease film. Phospholipids are used in shampoo formulations for rapid restoration of this protective film on the cuticle surface. Basic egg phospholipids with a 25 % content of Phosphatidyl Choline are used in shampoos for extremely dry or damaged hair.

Hair conditioners

In order to improve the appearance of hair after shampooing it, hair conditioners are used. They disentangle the hair by creating a very fine film on the hair cuticle making it smoother, stronger and shinier. Phospholipids assist this process, because they “link” the ingredients of the conditioner to the cuticle.

Styling products

There is a wide range of styling products: Sprays, gels, waxes, foams, creams and serum to create and maintain different hairstyles. Usually they contain modified proteins (keratin), other polymers. Some product also used silicone, but is more and more replaced by natural oils. Also in this application, the function of phospholipids is to form a link connecting the active ingredients to the hair cuticle.

Shaving products

While formerly a brush was used to make foam from a soap bar, today most shaving products on the market are in form of creams, gels or foams and a small volume of shaving oils is produced. Main ingredients of ready-to-use products are oil, glycerine, soap, water and surfactants. Phospholipids are used as emulsifiers but also for their hydrating properties, especially when the formulations include alcohol.