Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Formulations

Drug Delivery: Significant Benefits with Phospholipids

The traditional, slow way

Active ingredients administered using conventional methods often fail to achieve their goal and therefore require a higher dosage.

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The innovative, rapid way

New forms of administration made possible thanks to phospholipids prevent the active ingredient from being absorbed through the digestive tract.

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Phospholipids in pharmaceutical applications

Ideas, Benefits and Applications

As natural excipients, Phospholipids have some built-in features:

  • They are GRAS substances (Generally Recognized As Safe) and recognized by all major Pharmacopoeia (USP-NF, Ph. Eur., Ph.B.)
  • Natural phospholipids have been available and used in pharmaceutical preparations for more than 50 years.
  • The purification process of manufacturing phospholipids from commercial Lecithin conforms to GMP guidelines.
  • Specifications and Certificates of Analysis (CofA) are available from the supplier
  • Phospholipids are the key element in creating liposomes

Using Phospholipids – especially in liposomal form - may show benefits in a wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations, many of which are not commonly known.

Using Phospholipids may:

  • enable local use of drugs instead of passage through the digestive system
  • improve bioavailability of drugs
  • allow lower dosage levels of drugs
  • protect tissue against aggressive APIs
  • avoid early breakdown of drugs by metabolism
  • reduce side effects of drugs
  • reduce side effects of drugs
  • accelerate time until drugs become active
  • allow line extension of existing drug formulations
  • help patients by lowering their aversion to certain delivery forms

We will show, how and where such benefits may be used in drug delivery systems, in line extension of existing drugs and provide some ideas for new drug development.

Most common delivery systems

On the following pages we will go through the different delivery systems. We refer to the use of purified Phospholipids with a Phosphatidyl Choline content of more than 70 % (high-PC phospholipids).

Dermal delivery

Dermal delivery

  • topical
  • transdermal

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Oral delivery

Oral Delivery

  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Solution or Suspension

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Transmucosal delivery

Transmucosal delivery

  • buccal
  • nasal
  • pulmonal
  • peritoneal
  • vaginal
  • rectal

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Delivery by injection/infusion

Delivery by Injection/Infusion

  • intravenous (i.V.)
  • intramuscular (i.M.)
  • intraosseous (i.O.)
  • intraperitoneal (i.P.)

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