Cosmeceutical Applications

Nail polish

Nail polishes demonstrate the fine line between cosmetic care and pharmaceutical treatment:

Nails consist of keratin, a protein which is also forming hair and the uppermost layer of our skin. Keratinization is the natural process of converting dead skin cells into horn substance.

Cosmetic nail polishes are used to colour hand and toe nails. Some plant lipids may provide shine and softness to worn out nails. Highly effective formulations for nail care are prepared in the form of liposomal sprays made with phospholipids.

However, an unusual own colour of the nails may be an indication of physical damage or fungal infections and should be treated dermatologically e.g. by a medicated nail polish, such as ciclopirox (PenlacĀ®). Phospholipids may be employed in medicated polish to transport the pharmaceutical actives through the nail plate into the nail bed.