Cosmeceutical Applications

Transdermal delivery system for active ingredients

Due to their biomimetic structure, phospholipids can transport cosmetic actives not only vertically into the upper layers of the skin, but also distribute them horizontally into the various lower skin layers. This is an important difference to ingredients which simply penetrate skin layers. The horizontal distribution is achieved by the ability of phospholipids to permeate through most types of cell walls.

The following applications may be of interest:

  • Beauty Patches

For centuries, patches have been used by women and men to cover skin blemishes or to draw attention to an otherwise white covered face, signalling mood or messages. Today patches consist of a regular band aid (made from polymers or cellulose) affixed to the skin by a mild glue or by moisture. The patch is soaked with cosmetic actives (natural oils, lactic, salicylic or glycolic acids, herbal extracts, phytosphingosine) which are released while the patch is worn.

  • Microneedle patches

The active ingredients (e.g. hyaluronic acid or collagen) can be nano-encapsulated and delivered in liposomal formulations. The needles prick the upper layer of the skin and release the actives into it. For improved penetration and distribution, the actives could also be prepared in micro or nano emulsions created by phospholipids.